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!Hi, I'm Monica

 I Help SaaS Companies Gain More Traffic to Their Websites Through SEO BLOG POSTS and WEBSITE COPY...and a Little Sprinkle of Magic


Copywriting That Will Make Your Clients Swoon Over Your Services!

Let's talk about what you've been dealing with lately.

Perhaps you hired a writer in the past. This writer promised to deliver high-quality content on time...and to help you grow your business.

But then they turned in their work—late, with so many grammatical errors it made your eyes hurt to look at it.

And instead of focusing on the things you should be doing as a business owner, you had to edit and rewrite all that second-rate sludge yourself.


But then you didn't have time, so it got published late and with errors.


The result? You looked bad and angered the google gods, causing them to strike down your website from that coveted first page.

And you rightly think...why should I have to babysit freelance writers and do their job for them?


They're supposed to make your life easier, not harder. Free up your time, not fill it up.

Wouldn't it be amazing if a writer existed who really cared about your time and your business results...who turned in high-quality, ready-to-go, well-researched work on time, who matched your brand voice and followed your briefs to the dot of an i and the cross of a t?

Well, I know one.

I've worked for companies in the SaaS space and for small business entrepreneurs—helping them boost traffic and gather more leads and rank higher in Google's search engine.


My clients are consistently wowed by the quality of work I turn in the first time...error-free and true to their brief and brand voice.

My special magical ability is to help SaaS, self-publishing, and any company that supports authors and writers rank higher in Google and gain more traffic and leads...through spellbinding content their website visitors will love to read.

I don't mess around. I'll scout out keywords, peruse forums, and scour every corner of the Internet to make sure you get the latest, more relevant info for your readers.

And I'm easy to work with. I'm here to take the load off your shoulders, not add on to it.

It's very rare that you'll find a writer with my level of care and detail. I want every project I work on to be perfect. Or as close to that as possible.

Katja Kaine, creator of the Novel Factory

Monica's work is exceptional. I am very fussy with the blog articles we accept, and Monica's was the first one I accepted without any edits, which is almost unheard of. She had clearly done her research and made sure she understood the topic thoroughly, building on her foundation of knowledge about writing, and the style and format was spot on for our brand. She immediately secured herself a place as one of our regular freelance content writers and we are looking forward to working with her regularly in the future.


Do you want to finally start seeing results?

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